At Lulu's Kitchen, our environment really matters to us.

With plastic packaging overwhelmingly still the choice of many retailers and takeaway restaurants, we decided to play our part by leading the way in helping the environment. At Lulu's, we proudly use only plant based compostable Eco Friendly Vegware packaging.

Each of our homemade foods is packaged in Vegware just for you. Whether you're eating in or taking home, all our packaging is either made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials.

Our latest store policy on plastic bags

With growing awareness of the effects of plastic bags on today and tomorrow's environment, we decided to introduce the Government's recommendation that small retailers charge a minimum of 5p per plastic bag on the 8th January 2018.

Our customer's reaction to this policy has been amazing and we are so grateful for the support shown for the initiative. We are very proud to say that so far we have managed to reduce our plastic bag usage by an impressive 80%!

Use our Vegware straws guilt free

No one likes when you cant have something you want, so we've gone the extra mile to ensure our customers can drink our selection of Iced Coffees with a fully compostable Vegware straw.

Whilst far more expensive than traditional plastic straws and substitute paper ones, we don't compromise on quality. Vegware straws offer a guilt free drinking experience in store.

Fresh, wholesome and delicious foods.

Lulus Kitchen

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